The So Soulful Collection

An Album of 20 World Exclusive Soul & R&B tracks from the Biggest names in Independent Soul. All of the tracks on The So Soulful Collection are not available anywhere else, with songs being from the Artists future projects.

The Album is a fully Independent project. The aim of the Compilation is to showcase the finest Soul Music fourth coming to Soul & Music lovers around the globe.

It's a truly an international affair, with featuring artists from Italy, US, France, Australia, UK and beyond.

Here's the Full Track Listing line up - Many, if not all the artists we're sure you will know:

1. Loretta & Leon Showman - Give It Up

2. Al Castellana - Lucky Man

3. Roszunn - Do You Love

4. James Day & Darren Polite – Unshakeable

5. Chidi - Do That Thing You Do (Prod. Soulpersona)

6. Jonathan Winstead - Say The Word

7. Maskerade - Can't Wait To Get You

8. Mike Champion – Showtime

9. Don-E - Feelin U

10. Jarrard Anthony - Want It

11. Timotha Lanae - Be You

12. Ty Causey – Strollin

13. FiL Straughan - It Never Rains

14. Les Dion - Glowing Tonite

15. Tanek Montgomery - No Favors

16. Mycle Wastman - Last One To Know

17. Darrius Willrich - Say All The Things

18. Cleveland P. Jones - Surrender to Love (The Things That You Do)

19. Kayosoul - Fly With Me

20. Le'Jit - In My Heart (Bonus Track)